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Facebook removes “little used” privacy feature

Facebook removes “little used” privacy feature

Facebook recently rolled out another change which removed a key privacy setting from users.The setting was called “who can look up your Timeline by name”.  Basically, if you were like me (one of the few people using this feature apparently), you had this set to “Friends Only”.  Basically that meant if you weren’t my friend and you searched for my name on FB, you wouldn’t find me.  And that’s the way I like it. Or did at least.

If you haven’t lost this setting yet, you probably will soon.  I for one think this is a bad change.  I realize there are a lot of people on Facebook who don’t care about their privacy.  But that isn’t everyone.  There used to be tools that checked your FB settings FOR YOU and suggested changes that would make your privacy settings more secure.  But Facebook shut these down.  Two issues here: First, clearly Facebook privacy settings are hard to understand if people have to write tools to help you improve your privacy posture. And two, why is Facebook shutting this stuff down!?!?

Okay sure, they’re running a business and I’m sure somehow more sharing increases their revenue or whatever.  But lately younger people have been fleeing from Facebook, moving to other forms of social media.  Personally, I don’t think giving people less control of their privacy is going to stem this tide.

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