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To Fedora or not to Fedora, that is the question…

To Fedora or not to Fedora, that is the question…

Hello Blog! It’s been a while. Bet you thought I forgot my password. Wrong! *evil-grin*

I’ve had a Samsung N150 Netbook since Summer of 2010. For a while, maybe the entire time, I’ve run Ubuntu on it. I’ve never loved Ubuntu, I initially loaded it because it was easy and got it worked on the Netbook without having to monkey with too much. I don’t use my netbook frequently, mostly when I travel or am surfing on the couch. But when I do use it for anything more than web surfing, Ubuntu tends the bug me. Maybe I’ve been a RedHat/Fedora/CentOS user for too long. I know rpm commands like the back of my hand. I started using yum back when it was only available on YellowDog Linux (a PPC Linux Distro for Mac hardware). So every time I want to do something on Ubuntu more than an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade or apt-get install I’m at a total loss.

This probably seems lame, but it bugs me.

Recently, I tried to get Ruby on Rails running on Ubuntu in Apache2 with Passenger. I’m still not sure why, but it doesn’t work. I’ve followed three or for different Ubuntu guides for setting it up, and it still doesn’t work. At this point I don’t even need Rails on it anymore, but I’m still annoyed. So maybe I’ll switch back to Fedora. I’ve heard good things about LXDE lately, so maybe it’s time to give that a spin.

The dude abides…

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