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It’s Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) time again and there’s lots of tasty Apple goodness even though there’s no iPhone 5.  Traditionally, WWDC is Apple’s chance to show Developer’s what new features are coming in the next version of Mac OS X.  But the last few years, WWDC has been the event where Apple has launched the new version of the iPhone.  There’s no new iPhone this year (I would speculate that the fact that Verizon JUST got the iPhone a few months ago had something to do with that) but, as the rest of the web is discussing, Steve Jobs was back to announce the iCloud Service, iOS 5 (the next mobile Operating System), and Lion (the next version of the Macintosh Operating System).

Tons of people are talking about these new things, so I just wanted to throw in my two cents about what I’m excited about:

– iCloud: Automagically syncs your music, calendars, and contacts across all your devices.  Cool. Earth shatteringly cool? Probably not.  Google and Amazon offer similar services.  Probably the coolest part about this is that Apple was able to sign up all the major record companies, which Google and Amazon failed to do.  Still not that excited by this service, but, at least it’s free.

    – iOS5: Lots of new features in the next OS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touches. The new notification system (which won’t take you away from what you’re doing when you get a new text message for instance) sounds pretty cool.  I’m also really interested in seeing the over-the-air software updates.  Currently, you have to plug your phone into your computer for it to download a ~400Mbish file and then wait for it to flash the phone.  With iOS5, you can do software updates without the computer AND they are now doing “delta” updates which means that the update should be a full ~400Mb download. People think that things like this are easy.  I write software, and doing a “delta” update is really hard.

    – Lion: Well, my trusty desktop is End of Life for OS Updates, but I’m glad to see that Apple hasn’t decided to just us iOS for the desktop as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I think iOS is good, but everything has it’s place.  I don’t think I want my desktop to work the same way as my iPhone does.  The interesting part is that Lion will be availible online from the Mac App Store.  And only the App Store (unless I’m reading it wrong).  So does that mean I don’t get a DVD I can boot off of anymore?  Bummer!

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