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Race Report: TriRock Annapolis

Yesterday I finished my first Triathlon ever. It was a Sprint Triathlon with a 500 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run.  I always complain that I’m not really a fan of running or swimming, but I will say that the race was exciting and fun. The weather could have been better. It was about 60 degrees at the start of the race, with overcast skies and some drizzle. Although, I guess had it not been raining, I would have gotten sun burn!

I had planned to arrive in Annapolis by 6AM and park in one of the two recommended parking garages. But for some reason my Garmin couldn’t find them. As it got closer to the time when the transition area closed before the race, Kim ended up dropping me off and heading off with the car to find parking. This left me with about 10 minutes to get my wetsuit on and lay out all my stuff for the bike and run stages.


I started the race in Wave 4 of 12. The swim was harder than I expected, and I expected it to be the hardest part. It was only my second time wearing my wetsuit in the water and the first time I’ve had to deal with waves. The swim was basically an out and back course. The part going out was difficult because there were a ton of people around me, which made it difficult to not run into people, and the waves kept hitting me in the face, making it hard to get my breathing timed right. By the half way point, my breathing was finally starting to calm down. The swim back to shore was a lot easier because everyone had spread out and I didn’t have waves in my face anymore.

Bike (Course)

I exited the water and got out of my wetsuit pretty quickly. I’m sure that my transition could have been faster, but for my first tri, I think I did well. I was able to get ready and on the road in about 5 minutes. The beginning of the course had a lot of turns and with the wet roads, no one was moving too fast. Once past the Naval Academy, I started to pick up the pace going up the bridge and then up the hill to the first bike turn around. The bike course basically had two laps up the hill. The course was wet and I saw a few people that had fallen on turns. But I managed to keep the pace up on the straightaways and slow down in the turns.

Run (Course)

Being my first triathlon, I was definitely disorganized in the transition. And this showed the most right before the run when I forgot to put my bib-number on for the run! The run was pretty standard. It starts out going up the hill leaving the downtown area. Around 1.3 miles, there was a short turn onto a side street with an out and back. I fairly sure that we were only supposed to do this section once, but the volunteers directed us down the street on the way out and back. This added about .45 miles to the run. Not a huge deal, but I think that makes my final average run pace look a bit slower.


Swim Time


Swim Rate


Swim Rank


Transition One


Bike Time


Bike Rate


Bike Rank


Transition Two


Run Time


Run Rate


Run Rank


Overall Time


Overall Rank


Age Group Rank



Kim got some great pictures during the event:


Swim Start
Me in the water waiting for the Swim Start
Rainy Swim Course
Rainy Swim Course
Transition One
Coming out of Transition One
Starting the Run
Starting the Run
Big Dog
This Great Dane was there to cheer us on. He was HUGE!

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