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Garden Update

Our heirloom tomatoes are planted in their permanent pots on our deck.  They’ve been there for about a week now and are doing pretty well.  Hopefully they like their new home!  Next year, I’d like to start them a few weeks earlier than I did this year.  I think I’ll start the seeds indoors around the beginning of March.  Since this was the first year I’ve ever started seeds, I didn’t know how fast they would grow and when they would outgrow their starter pots.  Now that I’ve done it once, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of when we’re safely past the last frost, I think early March will be better timing for seed starting.

I also learn a new tip about cilantro.  Ben and I both love cilantro (not everyone does – apparently it tastes like soap to some people!) so we like to have it around.  When I’ve tried to grow it in the past, I’d never had good luck.  But I talked to a farmer at the farmer’s market and I learned that it just goes to seed really quickly.  If you keep it trimmed short, it will last longer, but still just doesn’t last as long as other herbs.  It was good to find out that I’m not necessarily doing anything wrong.  So this year, when the cilantro is past it’s prime, I’ll just have to buy another plant from the farmer so we have fresh cilantro through the summer.

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