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Foodie Friday: What we’re eating and a tomato plant update

Trying to eat seasonal foods is tough in March.  At this point, we’re super tired of sweet potatoes and other root vegetables that you can get through the winter.  Our farmer’s market doesn’t operate through the winter anyway, and the root vegetables at Whole Foods were coming from California even when they were still growing strong in the mid-Atlantic.  So at this point, we’re mostly just eating through what’s in our freezer from last spring/summer/fall.  I guess that’s how you’re supposed to eat in the winter.  And we’re totally looking forward to asparagus and strawberry season.  Now that it’s April, I think it’s time to start looking forward to spring produce.

We’re also pretty excited about how well our tomato plants are doing.  After asparagus and strawberries, we’ll have our own tomatoes to look forward to.


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