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Lemon Spice Sangria

Lemon Spice Sangria
Lemon Spice Sangria

Here is a recipe for a white wine sangria I made last weekend that turned out to be pretty fabulous:

In a large pitcher mix the following:

2 shots of brandy

1 bottle of white wine or sparkling wine – ANY kind will do!

about 1/4 liter of lemon soda or lemonade (I used some lemon soda that I found at Whole Foods. It was a 1 liter bottle, and I used about half of it per bottle of wine)

sugar (to taste – if the soda or lemonade is already very sweet, you probably don’t need extra sugar)

a dash each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla

1 chopped apple

Stir it all up and enjoy!  You can drink it right after you make it, but if you let it hang out in the fridge for an hour or more the flavors come together and it’s even better.

I used some Spiced Vanilla Sugar that I got as a gift instead of the spices and sugar on this batch, but the spices I listed are basically what’s in there.  So you can get creative with the spices and make it however you like it.  Personally, I love cinnamon in sangria, especially in cold weather, so I add it when I make a red wine sangria too.

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