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You’ve Been Charlied!

Valentine is definitely the most mischievous cat I’ve ever known.  She picks at the carpet, pushes objects off of any flat surface, and chews on cords.  Mostly she only does all of this stuff when she knows one of us is watching her.  Seriously.  She’ll look at us to make sure we see her and then proceed to engage in whatever badness she’s obsessed with at the moment.  In the words of Lilo, her badness level is unusually high for someone of her size.

Our other cat, Charlie, is “the good kitty”.  All you need is the right tone in your voice and he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and look at you with “I’m sorry” eyes.  Even so, he still gets in on the badness action every now and then.  Here is prime example of his work:

You've been Charlie'd

Yes, that’s a big pile of toilet paper unraveled through the crack between the door and the frame.  Awesome.

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