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First Anniversary

It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for a year now!  It’s been a big year too – Argentina, China, law school graduation, bar exam, moving, Ben’s trip to England, passing the bar exam, and getting sworn in to the bar. Maybe this year will be a little bit more low key… yeah, probably not!

In honor of having been married for a year, I wanted to list all of the things that went wrong at our wedding. Not to dwell on the past or because I feel bad about it at all at this point, but because it makes a really good story! And even though our wedding was pretty much the definition of Murphy’s Law, we had an amazing time, and thinking of the craziness that happened reminds me how special our wedding was! So here goes:

1.The first wedding ring we ordered for me came and wasn’t at all what we were expecting.  Luckily, the company we ordered it from was great about it, and was willing to redo it, even though it was a custom ring, and worked with us closely to make sure the second one was exactly what we wanted.  It arrived 3 days before the wedding!

2. Two days before, the weather forecast was for a couple of inches of snow.  We had a guest or two let us know that they wouldn’t be able to make the drive up from VA if it snowed at all.  What? There go those seating charts we slaved over….

3. The day before, the weather forecast was for over 10 inches of snow. As the day wore on, the number of inches of snow called for just kept increasing.  In Baltimore.  Maryland.  Our caterer and our venue for the reception kept calling us and calling each other to work out a plan.  They strongly encouraged us to move the reception earlier in the day.  So we started calling the church and other vendors to ask if they could move it earlier.  They could.  Then the caterer wanted to just move the reception to the following day.  He told us that the city might close down, in which case, we wouldn’t be legally allowed to be in the building and everyone would have to go home in the middle of the reception.

4. The restaurant where we had reserved a room for the rehearsal dinner months earlier called us to say they had double booked the space and that we wouldn’t be able to use the room because the other people who had booked it had priority over us.  They told us this the day before the wedding – i.e. – the DAY OF the rehearsal dinner! We were lucky again, and the hotel where our guests were staying was able to put on a rehearsal dinner for us, planned at the last minute.  So we had dinner in a private room on the top floor of the hotel, with a great view and good food. They even printed up personalized menus for us!

5. The day of our wedding, we got 16 inches of snow! That’s in the top ten snow storms for the Baltimore area! And the biggest storm ever to happen in December in Baltimore. The city actually DID close down. But we were lucky again – all our vendors were amazing and all either showed up for our wedding in the snow, or were able to make it to the reception when we had it the next day.

6. The piano player at our wedding played the songs we chose in the wrong order.  The song I walked down the aisle to was played when my family entered, and the song that was supposed to play while they entered was played when I walked down the aisle.  He also insisted on playing the organ while guests were arriving, even though we wanted the piano – he was a bit of a character!  I actually didn’t even notice what song was playing – I was told about the mix-up later – so I’ll just pretend I walked down the aisle to Little Big Town’s Bring It On Home, like I was supposed to.

7. The room we had booked for the reception was freezing cold, and being on the first floor at ground level, with all of the snow, would have been too hard to keep from getting dangerously slippery.  So we couldn’t have the reception there.  Luckily, there was another, bigger room available that was on the third floor and was easier to keep warm.

8. About 2/3 of our guests weren’t able to make it because of the snow.  No hope for those seating charts any more.  This is the only thing I have any sadness about when I think about our crazy wedding day.  It would have been great to have everyone there on our big day.  But we are still happy that everyone we love was safe despite the snow storm, and that everyone who was able to make it made it home in one piece. Lucky again!

When I think about all that went wrong, I can’t help but think about some of the really cool stuff that happened, that would not have happened without all of the above craziness:

1. The rehearsal dinner – we wouldn’t have been able to have the amazing private room with the amazing view without having been screwed over by the first restaurant.  We just couldn’t have afforded to reserve the space.  But we happened to be fortunate enough that it was available that night and that the people at our hotel were willing to put the dinner together for us.

2. We got to see how wonderful our friends are in a way that you only get to see when you are going through a really tough situation and genuinely need help.  They made multiple phone calls to all of our guests.  They set up a mini “reception” for us in a hotel suit complete with pizza (not easy to find in the middle of a snow storm!), beer, and snacks, all at the last minute, so we could still have a little party after we got married instead of anti-climatically waiting until the next day for our actual reception. Several friends put in an effort to be at the wedding that makes me so appreciative whenever I think about it – driving for hours in the snow, spending 8 hours in a train station, coming to Baltimore a day early in order to be here before the storm – we are so lucky to know such great people! Our friends were right there with us to handle every challenge that came our way, and we would not have made it through the weekend nervous-breakdown-free without them!

3. I got to wear my wedding dress twice! How many brides get to do that?

4. We went sledding on our wedding night. So fun, great memories!

5. We helped feed some people who might not have had a meal otherwise. We had a lot of food left over, since so many of our guests couldn’t make it.  So we were able to make a big food donation to a local homeless shelter.

6. We got some cool wedding pictures in the snow.  I’m pretty sure you only get pictures like these if you have a top ten snowstorm on your wedding day!

Wedding Dress Footwear
At the Church
The Day After the Storm

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  • It was truly a special day. I feel really lucky to have such great friends and family. With 16 inches of snow, our weekend really could have been ruined, but with everyone’s help, it was really a great adventure! It’s something that we’ll never forget and we’ll talk about for many years to come. Thanks everyone!

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