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Spaghetti Squash Update

First spaghetti squash attempt was a success – mostly! I think I cooked it a little too long for the high temperature I had the oven at, but it was still tasty.  We ate it with parmesan cheese and some tomato sauce that we made over the summer and had stored in the freezer. I definitely recommend using a sauce that you really like with the spaghetti squash. The toughest part was definitely splitting the squash in half. The shell was much harder than the shell of other types of squash I’ve had.

Also, here is the recipe for the apple cake I made for Ben’s birthday.  I added cinnamon, like a lot of the commenters on the website suggested, and I used a little more apple than the recipe called for (local apples of course!), left the skins on the apples, and also put some ground walnuts in the topping. It was fairly easy and a good fall dessert recipe. You should try it!

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