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Three Zero

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday.  Everyone asks me how I feel about turning thirty.  Well, I don’t know. I don’t think that it will actually feel any different (but I’ll let you know if I feel differently tomorrow when I wake up). What I do know is that it’s been quite a year.  At this point last year, Kim and I were only weeks away from our wedding.  At this point last year, I had never left the country (Canada doesn’t count. Sorry Canada!). Now I’ve been to Argentina, China, and England. I switched jobs (again) but I didn’t do any major biking events.

So what’s next? Well, definitely more traveling and maybe a triathlon.  We shall see…

Kim made me a very nice little dinner tonight along with a very delicious Apple Crumb Birthday Cake.  I’m still waiting to see what she has in store for me tomorrow…

Apple Crumb Birthday Cake

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