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Sometimes, I’m an aspiring Photographer.  I’m definitely no where near as good as JLowe Photos (who was our wedding photographer). And I don’t put as much time practicing at it as my friend Brian who takes some really cool pictures.  But sometimes, I like to wander around the city to see what I can take pictures of.  Here are a couple shots from tonight’s adventure that I think turned out pretty well.

In my first shot, I tried to capture the canon on Federal Hill, with the city in the background:

Federal Hill Canon

I tried some touch-ups on this picture of the Federal Hill Flag that I think came out pretty well!

Federal Hill Flag

This may look like the Hand of God, but it’s actually a hand on the side of the Visionary Arts Museum.  It’s above a giant movie screen that’s used in the summer.

Hand of God?

A Federal Hill Street at Dusk:

Federal Hill at Night

And finally a Stained Glass Window on a Church on Warren Ave:

Stained Glass Window

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