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My Farmers Market Mission

Ever since the farmers market opened this year, my goal has been to buy as much of our food as I can from the local farmers who come to our farmers market. To do this, I definitely had to learn a little more about cooking with the fruits and veggies that are available seasonally. My recipe repertoire last year mostly consisted of a few pasta dishes, burritos/enchiladas, and a couple of other random dishes.  So I’m still learning, and my goal is a moving target, since I try to incorporate more seasonal foods as I learn more.

There are a couple of things I’ve decided I like about trying to eat this way. First, fruits and veggies taste better when they are fresh from the farm and haven’t been shipped on a boat from South America! Also, when I found a recipe I loved for a seasonal fruit or veggie, I would make it often. Then I would get tired of it just about the time it was going out of season. That works out well for me because I don’t have to constantly find new recipes, but I can just rotate through a reasonable number of really good ones for the season. It was a perfect way for me to figure out the answer to that eternal question — “What’s for dinner?”.  And so far, I’ve really been enjoying eating strawberries in the spring, tomatoes in the summer, and apples in the fall!

Here’s a tasty fall recipe I would recommend – stuffed bread.  We got the squash, onion, thyme, egg, and sausage all from farmers at our local farmers market. Ben made the pizza dough in the bread machine (he’s now a pro at pizza dough). Yum!

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