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New Blog!

So Kim and I decided to start a blog where we could post pictures of our current adventures and talk about what we’re up to.  I mean why not? Everybody else has one right? Lol.  So here it is, our first post.  We are still playing with settings and themes, but hopefully soon we’ll have a fully functioning site!

The big news of the day was that Kim found out that she (unofficially) passed the Maryland Bar Exam!  After two months of nothing but studying, two grueling days of testing, and then three long months of waiting for the results, she can now (unofficially) call herself a lawyer.  Well, almost at least.  There is that whole Bar Application and swearing in ceremony, but close enough!

And just for fun, here is a picture I took of Charlie while he was trying his best to ignore me and get some sleep.

Why won't you let me sleep?

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